We are extremely excited to announce the winner of the Plasticity Competition PLASTIC STEREOTOMY by Justin Diles chosen by the jury to move forward into the process of design development, engineering and fabrication. Coupled with the support from TEX-FAB we are pleased to be joined by Kreysler and Associates who will provide technical support and fabrication expertise to complete the work to be installed in Houston at the next annual event March 26-29 hosted by University of Houston College of Architecture. We look forward to the next phase of development and invite everyone to Houston next spring to see the results. The finalist projects exhibited at ACADIA Design Agency are exhibited here along with the videos submitted to the jury for the final round of the competition.
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  • Plasticy Stereotomy rendering lr
  • ACADIA 2014 – 24
  • Plastic Stereotomy
    Plastic Stereotomy
  • Monolith Translucent Lattice 600×300
  • ACADIA 2014 – 01
  • Monolith Translucent Lattice
    Monolith Translucent Lattice
  • ViscoPlasty 600×300
  • ACADIA 2014 – 29
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.52.28 PM
  • Viscoplasty
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.53.11 PM
  • ACADIA 2014 – 06
  • Puff'D
Within Texas there is an emerging network of companies, institutions, and individuals focusing on the exploration of parametric design and the digital production of building components. Specifically, there is a growing opportunity for collaborative exchange between the academic, technical, and professional communities by leveraging the immense resources found in some of the largest metropolitan centers across the United States.
TEX-FAB *Digital Fabrication Alliance was formed in 2009 by Brad Bell, Kevin McClellan, and Andrew Vrana with Kory Bieg joining in 2013. Bell, Bieg, McClellan and Vrana each teach within the digital fabrication curriculum at University of Texas Arlington, University of Texas Austin, University of Texas San Antonio, and University of Houston respectively.
The TEX-FAB network comprises a group of people intently focused on the exploration and implementation of computational fabrication. From within our respective academic settings and professional practice we seek to strengthen the regional discourse and establish benchmarks.