We are extremely pleased to announce the Winner of the SKIN Competition: 3xLP (previously 2XmT). From a total of 68 entries from across the globe representing 14 countries on 5 continents were narrowed down to 4 finalists and 4 honorable mentions. The first round jury consisting of Phil Anzalone, Maria Mingallon, Gregg Pasquarelli, Randy Stratman, and Skylar Tibbits conferred and decided that from the numerous entries, which posed a very challenging effort in their deliberation. The second round jury: Neil Denari, James Carpenter, Mic Patterson and BIll Zahner conferred and selected 3xLP for it's clarity and overall project development. The 3xLP team lead by Christopher Romano and Nick Bruscia included Phil Gusmano and Dan Vrana all associated with University at Buffalo, SUNY.

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SKIN Competition Videos and Images
TEX-FAB invited five leading figures in the world of digital fabrication and parametric design to jury the competition with a global understanding and presence within the digital design and fabrication communities. Our goal was to enable the role of digital fabrication and parametric design at the speculative level.
Deliberations held on July 9th covered quite a lot of ground as the Jury initially selected close to 14 entries to discuss. Ranging in type and method they represented a vast array of thinking and work. Ultimately the jury coalesced around 4 Finalists and narrowed down the others to 4 Honorable Mentions.
SKIN drew a total of 68 entries from across the globe representing 14 countries on 5 continents. Below you will find the entire collection of submitted work, which you can view at a higher resolution once you click on the thumbnail.